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new cpu under £200

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Mr.Mick, I would suggest you make your own PC.

Premade PCs usually have shity motherboards and PSUs (Power Supplies) and other components.

I suggest you get something like :

Intel Core 2 Duo E2160

Gigabyte P35-DS3

A-DATA Vitesta 2GB DDR2

Samsung 500GB HDD

Fortron BlueStorm 2 500W PSU or a Corsair 450W PSU

The Case isn't that important, but you need one with a front and back 120mm fan for good airflow.

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Multiple things to consider..


I have never been a fan of pre-built machines.. They most likely went with close-out components..


What kind of motherboard is in that case???? Does it even have a PCIE slot so that you can use your current video card?


It's worth spending just a little more to get a quality machine.

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You are kidding right? Where do did you buy your computer parts to make your computer cheaper than that $400 one with the same components. Is it from newegg or tigerdirect because i can't seem to find anything that is comparable to their prices unless it was on sale or ebay.

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