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PYF things that make you cry every time

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Well, we all have our certain something that makes us cry all the time..Unless you're some kind of chuck norris, bacause as we all know his tears cures cancer, but he never cries :(


Well here's the things that makes me cry out loud :d




and this one - but it makes me laugh at the same time :o



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The first one's lame, and the second, well...


I can't STAND cats. :cursing:


Then post yours, retard.. this isn't a thread about flaming people you fat fuck.

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Never really cried properly. I bottle it all up, so no doubt in either a mid-life crisis, or a traumatic event I'll go psycho.


Hey, but it works for now. Can't argue with results! ... lol I do the same thing. Gonna suck to be the one person who pushes me over the edge, but I don't think that will happen any time soon.


Oh and...




Funny as hell, yet sad.

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No, I meant I'm sorry to hear that you lost your parents.


I didn't lol


well not lol but i would be a fucking emo if i did damn!


i didn't lose them, im just saying i would be damn sad if i did. i was fucking scarerd when i dad was in intensive care because of a stroke and heart attack, hes okay now but i was fucken scared


just saying i would be way sad if i did lose any family members

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