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Ba_jail_Fear request

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Map Suggestion

Full map name


Type of map

Prison Break

Link to map download

Additional Information

In 1960, the Company "sunrise" started building prisons for dangerous prisoners, made especially in the lowlands. A few days after the start of construction, for unknown reasons, began to die builders, some are missing.

In 1964, when the building was nearly completed, five builders have simply disappeared.

In 1965 the prison began its work, but people are still dying and going missing, the authorities decided to close the prison indefinitely.....

In 2012, the prison has again started its work when the police went in, they saw the blood, and rotten walls.

Waking up at 7 am, the prison does not seem so scary, but not the feeling of fear....

Map Contains

Many Secrets


64 Spawns


Color correction


Custom texture/models/sounds

And much more!

Screenshots attached


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