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Basically, it's a series of maps which the terroists are in the middle, and the cts have to monuver around the obstickles that the terrorists place on them. Like traps ect.


I think SG should maybe get like a 16 slot server for this, it is so fucking fun

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I've been hearing about this quite a bit as of late. Rather than ask what servers are good, what's the map prefix for it? I assume it's dr_xxxxxxxxxx, I've never bothered checking though.

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Actually death is enough because there are some maps that look like that death_run_

And actually there are no other maps that start with death

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Boring imo.


Most of them are simply, sacrifice to get past, and this leads to long amounts of waiting and half witted "jumping then flying back" tricks which don't work.


Ontop of that the people generally on the servers are mic spamming idiots.

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