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ingame,players call it para too,bcuz it causes paranoia or parapsychological problems.Its the right middle finger of chuck norris .



With the silencer and targeting precision of the M4A1,its the perfect weapon for cowards,who dont wanna fight in a epic,manly battle.

Its the Standard Weapon of the US Army,too.



it has many cool abilitys:

1.u also make a good shot,when u r jumping.

2.u even kill the enemy when u shoot 10 miles alongside.


Mac10 + MP-7:

both are the first available SMGs for CTs and Ts.

they are also called the dildoweapons of the game.


Desert Eagle:

with this sweet thing in ur hands u r automatically the Pwner of evry round.

noobs also like to call it "night hawk"

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