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perm ban Grim existence

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seeing as this my last day on css for awhile i would like to go out in my ussual style and i am requesting a perm ban for myself .....

bye all its been great i can def say ive never laughed harder then playin wwith you guys and that has helped me more than you know . this is one of if not the greatest communities out there im proud to say i was around sincee the beginning cheers and ravens a noob,cheezeit,yessir,!ztele,ZOMBIE HUUUUUUUUNNNT, and last of al fuck you you cock sucking son of a bitch bastards


ps i wwish i could make this my last ban but my css isnt workin oh and who ever wants to ban me i recommend five minutes at a time before the perm which i would like hag to issue the perm as a last request.

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Later Grim.. good luck..


I'd say no Perm ban.. you never know when you might get a change to visit one of the servers.

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Sure going to miss man. We have lost our commander, but i'm sure you will be back sometime in the future or so. Hope you have good luck in your future plans and success. Your directing voice will be remembered, S-Team will never forget you lol. Signing out.

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