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What Games DO U Like THe Most!

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I like RPGs mostly and my favorite game right now is Persona 3 Fes, what other game allows you to fuse a summon that is basically a giant penis on a chariot named Mara?


Here's a video of some guy creating and using Mara (just skip to around the 2:30 minute mark if you don't want to wait.)



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Age of Empires series,




The Age of Empires is the game I have played for longest, I bought the first in 1998 and until about last year I have been a regular online, alas Zone.com stopped supporting the online :sad:


Besides that.....Some of my favourites include


-Crash Bandicoot, none inparticular, loved them all.

-Championship/Football Manager

-Hogs of War (hilarious and fun)

-Future Cop

-Fifa...ofcourse :w00t:

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