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What are some good games for x-box 360, becuase latley ive been buying games and have been wasting my money on them becuase they suck, please try not to list the expesive ones like 60$, but you can list a couple of em, im lookngi for the 30$ range.



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NCAA football 09 (dependent on what country you reside in , if you're not American this game is irrelevant)


Halo 3


entertain yourself with those until the following come out in the near future




Here’s a look at GamePro’s list of platform-exclusive titles known to be coming in 2008/2009


Xbox 360:


1. Ninja Gaiden 2

2. Left 4 Dead

3. Too Human

4. Gears of War 2 (SYSTEM SELLER)

5. Fable 2 (SYSTEM SELLER)

6. Halo Wars

7. Splinter Cell Conviction

8. Alan Wake

9. Banjo Kazooie

10. Halo Chronicles


Keep an eye out for those.

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Ok thanks, but I already have GTA IV.


And Im sorry about making 2 threads, I put it in here first, and then I found there was a game section. And the game section is probally the best palce to upt it for this topic, so yeah sorry.

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