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Find songs by humming/singing them

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I can't get Song Tapper to give me one correct answer. It's the most god awful tool I've ever used. I tapped MJ's Thriller, it gave me Parents Just Don't Understand by Will Smith... so I tapped that and I got a whole bunch of other crap. I tapped Parents Just Don't Understand... and one of the songs it gave me was a DragonForce song. *smashes face into desk*

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Don't know why I only just found this site today.


Ooo I found This Site A Long Time Ago From A Popular Science Magazine.


WARNING: It Really Only Works For Newer Hit Songs, I Have Found It Rarely Ever Works For Older Songs Such As Classic Rock, Or Lesser Known Songs. :(


Maybe It Has Gotten Better Recently Though, But I Doubt It With The Average Person's Singing Ability.

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