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Remember that guy in Germany who cannabalized a willing participant?

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Yummyy... I actually was thinking how it would look like if someone cannibalized a whole human


Call me crazy but I don't react so easily to violent pictures and actually would want to see movies even more violent that the movie series "Saw"


Also, here is a good example of some pictures which I can watch without reaction;



Notice : The link contains adult material which is not allowed to be viewed under 18 years old, also the material is violent and not suitable for people who easily react to violent or brutal content.

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If you folks want to see a really violent movie, violent as in realistic violence, look up a movie called Flowers of Flesh and Blood. I had a screenshot of the movie as my spray at one time and I remember Super Nublet saying not to spray that again or I'd get banned... and it was a pretty tame screenshot compared to the rest of the movie.


Charlie Sheen somehow got a hold of a 5th or 6th generation copy of the movie on VHS and called the FBI on it because he thought it was real. It's snuff-styled in direction so having a VHS several generations old only adds to the effect. The rest of the Guinea Pig series unfortunately isn't as violent, though some of the other films have their moments.




I remember wanting to watch Mordum(I think that's what the movie was called) but could never find it. I had a phase where I wanted to watch the most violent movies out there. :closedeyes:

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