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Thinking About Buying a Hybrid?

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If you live in London and want to travel into the city I think hybrids have to pay no congestion charge (normal cars have to pay as it reduces pollution/traffic in the city and gives them a fat wallet). When you consider how expensive the charge is it could be a good decision

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WSLS eh...used to watch that when I was a student at VT. Good NBC affiliate.




They had a piece on the national news the other day with a reporter trying to get a hybrid around the DC area. Most of the places were sold out.

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We ran this story last night. Overall, it just says be prepared. Your money savings will not come right away. More or less you pay upfront more to save money later. I'm not really sold on getting a hybrid anytime soon.


I Am Still Good With The Yukon Denali, I Dont Plan On Buying A Hybrid Any Time Soon.

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