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So,did anyone watch the Fable 2@ E3? The game is really looking good, I mean you can Co-op over Xbox live!


Is anyone going to buy the mini games when they release? I know I am! Get me like 1000 million gold, get meh a wife, knock her up:thumbup:, get me some kids.


I'm also lookin forward to play with the dog, Lionhead did a real good job making the AI.



For anyone that wants to know, Fable 2 will hit the stores in Otc,:partydance: they haven't released a day yet, but it'll be coming out for the Xbox 360, then PC most likely by the end of 08 or the beginning of 09.

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I loved the first Fable. When I read the list of what they left off of it I was dissapointed, but the game came out great anyways. I just hope Fable 2 is more like Fable than it is Oblivion/

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