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Fanwing aircraft. Why the did I only find out about this today!?

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The engine is a simple fan that runs the length of the whole wing. It looks like a harvester.


Fucking simple but so efficient, why have I only discovered this today!?



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I Own A 5 Foot Wingspan Scale Model Of A B-2 Bomber.

It Is An R/C Plane That Has Great Speeds, But That Speed Sacrafices Some Manueverability Since The Plane Is Somewhat Unstable Since It Is A Blended Wing/Body Aircraft.


I Also Own A Blimp Which Is About 4 Meters Front To Back And Is Equipped With A Fully Functional Color Camera, Unfortunatly Since It Is A Blimp It Can Only Be Used Under Very Low Wind, Limiting It Use For Any "Spy" Operations.

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