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do you like meh?

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if this gets a poll,i would appreciate that.

well i know half of the community hates me...

but i just wanna know it.

if the answer is totally no,then i will leave the forum and the servers forever.

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I hate ya with all parts of my body! That annoying way you spell every letter. Annoying way you come from everywhere and alot other things..................................... Just kidding, your ok

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Stop being a little bitch! If people don't like you then this is CERTAINLY not going to improve their opinions of you, Rebel. I don't really know you, but if it was just based off of this thread -- I wouldn't like you. :)


So why don't you stop making stupid pity-posts, contribute to the community? None of this "I will leave forever" bull shit. Then people will like youI would like you.



I actually don't "not like you", but just chill brotha. You know, chillax g-funk!


It's all good.



Just some friendly advice!

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Wow Irish I never thought you'd be insecure about whether you were liked or not. To me your probably the nicest guy I know, in real life and out. This thread isn't going to look good to people who haven't really met you though.

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