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AUG-weapon problem

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it would be a lot nicer to help the guy out?


delete the file from what you downloaded, skins can sometimes mess up your system and there not really worth it.

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well i added yesterday a new skin...

but my weapon looks lilac/purple now!

could somebody help me?


Skins sometimes have missing textures that would normaly make them wireframe (i think? anyways, it messes them up bad) so what counterstrike has done is made a DEFAULT texture, for any missing texture. Basicaly if the file (texture) is missing, the default one takes its place (pink and black squares). If you'd like to fix it you can't use that skin, it didn't come with the right files to have the one in the picture.


How to fix? Download a new skin and try that. If your downloading off fpsbanana, there is a filter for how GOOD the skin is (expert). Id turn that on and look for an aug skin.

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