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I'm pissed

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I am gonna cancel my webhosting package.


I'm late a few days on payment and been with webhost for a few years.


been loyal customer and being late 4 days on payment they start messing with files on my site.


I'm pissed.


I'll have to find a new webhost this week. shitty very very shitty.


I'm so pissed right now i'm gonna get on the server and own everyones butts.


And its always my main site http://WWW.G33K.INFO

they never bother my other sites. damn damn damn damn.


p.s. anyone have a good recommendation on a good webhost? for a good price?

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bluehost isnt bad if your a high traffic site and you prefer high level tech support (call email etc 24/7 for them,)


tis what we use for my site and we eat bandwidth .

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They said my site was eating up their resources

it has a proxy script on it.


turns out it had nothing to do with money.

it was my proxyscript. they messed with my files and not once did they ask me to stop using the script. All they had to do was ask me.

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