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Can we either A put more server slots in or B take out the reserves? Because people just keep getting kicked because of the low number (16) of slots. Really ruins the fun, and sometimes the admins just leave right away.

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Yes, I spent half an hour waiting for a slot, I got in and got kicked when the next admin joined, even though there were already 7 admins on the server, ive not had a slot since and that was about 3 hours ago...

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No there would be too many players, we need to make one of the dead servers into prison break II, and btw we need more map, if there isn't then someone could map some

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I agree, I waited ages and got kicked for a reserved slot.


I guess that is the whole point though...


I wouldn't consider getting a PrisonBreakII server unless PrisonBreak is going to be popular for a long time, not just a one week wonder.

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people, stop whining and just get supporter, its ture, the lowest package is only 4.99, then 7.50. Why do u think i got supporter? I always wanted to donate just never had the motivaion. if u really wanna play that bad, dont be so cheap.. we pay, so we deserve to play..

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