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Who here plays Eve-Online?

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takes too much time, and I can barely find any friends, most people just try to destory my cruiser every time I get to a jump


ahahahah maybe ive seen u. ahhahahaha What sectors do u goto?

I have a Brutix. a Destroyer. and a Battleship (forgot the name x[)

I havent played eve online for like 2 or 3 weeks

but last time i left i had about 200 and more million isk.


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i was a caldari, i had maxed out missiles and crap like that, high levels in intelligence, memory, and perception

i may get back into it, turns out theres something called "Empyrean Age" where Eve is in war, so that may be fun


We should all get together and form a corp, build a Titan called the "Teh Hagg" and go wreak havoc

seriously, I got bored because I was just playin with random people, if we all get together, it may be fun

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Emperyan Age {how ever yu spell it}

its just a Military War.

U can enlist if u want and this is how it works.


If u are attacked by an enemy; ur friends[Team Mates] Can come and help u.

None the less; the NPC's will also come to ur aid. its just them getting to u.

being the problem. ;] if ur close to your Race [Caldari,Galente,Amarr,(forgot the last race)] They will be on ur aid Immediately. if ur far; then it takes em some time to get to u. (I still havent enlisted for the Military because if u enlist) then u are not able to goto some places.


I am Caldari. and i am at war with Gallenten I canNOT! go anywhere in their space because Even the NPC's will shoot me. but if the npc's dont lock on. and a Player does then they do lock on and they help the player kill me.

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