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[URGENT] Mic stopped working

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Hi guys,


I played yesterday -> mic worked fine.. Now as I launch CS:S I cant run that mic-test (well, I can start it but the bar doesnt raise)..

The weird thing is that it works outside CS:S and there are no mute buttons or anything checked in source..

My talk-button works, or at least it shows that speaker to the right of the screen when I press it, and people can see that "I'm saying something", but they cant hear me :ohmy:


Im running XP Prof., sp3 and it's an USB headset :blink:

It almost got me banned on the prison break server - I ran (as a guard) into a cell after I just did a kill on a bad prisoner and then someone ran after me into the cell - I shouted "go back - dont follow me!" or something similiar, but of course the person didnt hear me, so I killed him :/


EDIT: Well .. Uhmm.. Now it works, without me doing anything, rly..

But if anyone can tell me what happened it would be great ;(

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Works now..
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