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Buffer Overflow in Net message.

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i get this alot, basicly on every server but Napalm all the players move as if they are lagging, but my ping isnt high. and i get the Buffer Overflow in net message. thus losing connection. its irritating cause i want to play the other servers. i updated my video card driver a couple days ago, and its still acting up. and suggestions?

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It typically happens when the whole damn server won't shut the hell up. I have the same problems, especially on the Prison Break server. After the round restarts, EVERYONE has to talk about the last kill and scream/laugh/make some weird noise which results in my ass out of the server with the overflow message and I have to wait another 20 minutes to get back in. Someone told me to lower my receive voice volume, but I haven't noticed any difference in the amount of times I am booted because of the overflow. People just have to shut the hell up is all (unlikely).:mad:

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I told italian about pulling your recive volume down, and he's the 2nd person that has told me this doesn't work. It appears it works for a few instances. Try that, to see if it works for you. If not I think theres a command you can put into console that gives more recieve voice channels. The problem is that you have a set number of voice channels, ideally this should be set at like 3 or 4 cause otherwise you can't hear shit. Buffer overflow occurs when you have more people sending you voice than you have slots for and thus confusing the fuck out source and kicking you. Honestly if this happens admins need to try to take control to reduce this from happening and if people are all yellin in the mic at end of rounds (expecially deathrun) then they just need to mute them and tell them they lost the privlidge of using the mic.

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That usually happens when the choke rate goes over 250. If you wanna check the choke rate. Type net_graph 3 in console. Choke is listed and it's size.


P.S. Talking in Mics increases the choke rate. More people talking, higher choke rate. Too much people, server crash.

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