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Michael Phelps

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I was reading the paper today (The Daily Mail) and there was an article on why Michael Phelps is as great as he is.


His Arms:


-Measure 6ft 7 in "wingspan" which is 3 inches longer than his height, which are usually the same.


-His wrists and elbows are double jointed


-Phelps arms means that he needs just 6 to 8 strokes to cover 25m, when it would take an average swimmer 12 to 16.


His Legs:


-Phelps can rotate his size 14 feet 15 degrees further than an average man until they are alligned with his shins (better streamlining).


-His inside leg measures just 32inches but he has immensely powerful thighs and his knees are double jointed. This means greater pushing ability off the wall.


Organs and Suit:


-His heart pumps 30 litres of blood a minute to his muscles, twice that of an average man.


-Phelps produces only a third the lactic acid of an average swimmer. He has the same lactic acid level as a completely relaxed person after a race.


-His swimsuit is designed to imitate a low-drag sharkskin.




-Phelps consumes 12,000 calories a day, a typical man needs between 2000 and 2500.


(the best part)

-Breakfast is three fried egg sandwiches, toast, an omelette, porridge, three pancakes and two cups of coffee.


-Lunch consists of 1lb of pasta, two ham and cheese sandwiches, and energy drinks.


-For dinner he has 1lb of pasta, a pizza and more energy drinks.




-Phelps trains for six hours a day, six days a week-even on Christmas Day.


-He swims around 50 miles a week.


-He has two massages a day and takes ice baths to help his body recover.


The odd bit:


-His long torso and double jointed ankles make Phelps 195lb frame clumsy and surprisingly delicate on dry land.




So other than the very hard training he endures (why he can eat so much!)


He has a great body for swimming.


What surprises me is that his wrists,knees, ankles and elbows are all double jointed.


Still when you consider he is a bit clumsy on land its maybe not so good afterall :o.


However he is a true great. If he were to carry on for another two Olympics and got 8 golds he would have 30 altogether :001_tt1: When the next highest amount is just 10.

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12,000 calories!?!?!?! That's about 6x the amount an average male should have per day!


I read this article at work today, I was very surprised at some of the statistics!

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12,000 calories!?!?!?! That's about 6x the amount an average male should have per day!



But only just as much as you :tongue_smilie:


*joke* :scared:

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Why does he have energy drinks though? You'd think all that pent up sugur will ruin him.


I don't think it means Red bulls and Amps. I think its more of some kinda shake.


And Spedo made the swimsuit for any one that wanted to use it. Its not just for Phelps.

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