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Where you get the mods?






I used to play it, I usually had around 100+ mods. Some recommended mods are OOO or Fran's, Martigen's Monster Mod, Mida's Magick, and if your PC can handle it, Qarl's Texture Pack to make the game extra pretty.


Also, definetly have OBMM to organize your mods, there's a list out there that shows how you should organize your mods to minimize the amount of crashes.

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The only mods I ever used were the official mods(Horse Armor, Knights of the Nine, all that junk) and a few custom ones, namely Ren's eyes and Ren's hair... or at least I think that's what they were called. Hair in TES3 and 4 has been just fugly. I think I had a mod once that skipped the entire tutorial jail/sewers thing and just gave me the necklace in the cell with a magic door that ported you outside. Now that's an awesome mod.


I don't play Oblivion anymore, partly because my computer sucks and it's a travesty seeing it run on 800x600 at 5-10 FPS while fights are going on. I did play it a lot though, went through the whole mage guild quest line, the fighters guild quest line, all the arena junk, the main quest line, Knights of the Nine, thieves guild, The Dark Brotherhood, but I never finished The Shivering Isles. I was getting disinterested with the game at that point, though I have to say the Prince of Madness dude is awesome.

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Agreed on the Prince of Madness.

Played with just Ren's Pack on the PC version, got through all of the Guild quests as well as arena but didn't really bother with Main quest-line. After that I got a new PC but my dad stole my previous hard drive and wiped everything, and the game I got off of D2D which I couldn't remember my info.


Now I'm playing the 360 GotY version with Battlehorn Castle, Orrery, Dunbarrow, and Frostcrag. Barely have gotten through the Main quest-line once again and have a fraction of Shivering Isles done, but I'm at the last part for Knights of the Nine and I'm finished with the Dark Brotherhood, Arena, and Thieves Guild. More then halfway through Fighters Guild and not that far in Mage's Guild.

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DID play it, on the xbox360, Bought all of the expantions and maxed on all skills and bought every home. My mansion has chests so full it lags the game whever i am on the map. Therefore I dont play it anymore. Around 600+ hours :p




Paladin, you know mages guild is the most important, right? Make a spell to charm 100 points for 1 second on touch, use it on a merchant and quickly talk to them. Everything is hella cheaper. Plus you can make a -100 enemy resistance to magic, 100 fire dmg, 100 cold dmg, 100 ice dmg (all for one second and on touch) it costs like 50 magika and it rapes..


BEWARE THE HAND OF RAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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