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Reserve slot, what's with that?

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I was in the server for an entire round, and in the middle of the second round, I got kicked for being in a reserve slot, but not owning it...


I understand if I join the game, and am instantly kicked for it... As it is like that everywhere... But why would I be allowed to play an entire round, and only then get kicked?

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no you doont understand, you didnt get in a 'reserved slot', theres no such thing, its just a name, reserved slot means a person that has (paying for) it would come in and kick out a random person which was you, if thats what you were asking for

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And I would really prefer it the way it is now - I would rather get to play some rounds, and maybe be lucky that no 'reserved slot'-dude comes by to play, than be sitting staring at the 23/24 number..

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Indeed, I have to suffer using public reserved slots in tf2. You can't auto-join when a slot opens, you have to sit there and continually wait for it to drop below a number and hope you get in. That's annoying as hell. Hidden reserved slots ftw.

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