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Black Mesa Research Facility Technical Support FAQ

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3. I keep trying to change my password but the system won't accept it!


ANSWER: Black Mesa Technical Support has installed password monitoring software to ensure that your password conforms to industry standards for security. You must supply a password that is sufficiently complex. Here are a few tips:



-You must choose a password that is at least ten characters long.

-You must use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

-You may not use any words found in the English, French, German, Russian or Spanish languages.

-You may not use profanity.

-You may not use more than two vowels in your password.

-You may not use "Y" at all.

-You must capitalize at least three letters.

-You may not have two or more capitalized letters adjacent to one another.

-You may not have any symbols adjacent to any capitalized letters.

-You may not use a letter, number, or symbol more than once


4. The password requirements are too restrictive!


ANSWER: While they may seem difficult to work with at first, you will find that the new password restrictions are easy and fun! You can make lots of easy to remember passwords like, QwtHi#3^pJ and Vk#4Ri8Ft~



I loved that bit.

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