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Goodbye for two weeks!

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Yes I am leaving for Oludeniz in Turkey and that means no forum spam from me :001_tt1:


Sorry about that Rick Roll but I was innocently surfing Youtube and I got Rick Roll'd and well the links went to a crocodile song it was lulz at the time.


When I'm back I'll be paying for my admin so I'll be looking forward to that but not as much as seeing some babes in bikinis :001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1:

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I've been there; Awesome place.


Be sure to get a dolmas up town and check out Hisaronu, Awesome at night.


I would highly recommend 'The Lemon Tree' In hisaronu For a bite to eat.

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I thought we weren't letting kids in as admins anymore?


that's a joke right?


have fun lux, dont fall in love with a crazy turkish girl and never come back tho!

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