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Sup peeps, I'm one of the few people in the world who still plays BF1942 and Desert Combat so I wanted to see who still does?


If so, what was your favorite map, weapon and vehicle in the game.


Mine were DC_NO_FLY_ZONE, the M82A1 and the A-10 Thunderbolt II!


Papa Bear To All Units, Red Dog, Red Dog, Casualty Count Is High, Move To Reinforce Outpost Immediately, Out!

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I stopped reading after this.


LitKey, GMan, (a few others) and I all play BF1942 and have Forgotten Hope.


Unless you're devoted enough to sit through three agonisingly long downloads to play an awesome mod for BF1942, GTFO.


Also, I have no idea what you're talking about.



Well you probably should have kept on reading, after all, I said I too was one of the few people that play it. I have FH, EoD, DC, DCF, Galactic, and MANY other mods. Its just that DC happens to be my favorite. Anyway what I WAS asking is who still plays that game and what is your favorite aspect of it. Ill try to make that more clear next time I post a new thread.

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Haha, I just remembered a funny story...


Once upon a time, DpG was a part of the community, and came on ventrilo, and went butthurt after being denied for admin. One day, after much persuasion, DpG was peer-pressured into buying BF1942. Unfortunately, he was never invited to play. :001_unsure:



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