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Blackberry Bold

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The new Crackberry from RIM... I'm definitely getting one when they come out in the U.S.


Comparison to iPhone 3G:




Bigger pic:



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Well, the iPhone is quite shit.

Only people with questionable IQ or Mac Lovers buy it.

Yeah, the iPhone lacks many basic things that any cameraphone/smartphone should have (for example camera zoom or video recording). But I'm lovin the Bold's screen resolution and clarity.
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the iphone is a phone for regular people. its not for the smartphone/pocketpc crowd as it lacks MANY basic features of these. its a fun phone, and good media player, they easily take the cake for the normal phone audience.


but anyone with a use for a smartphone/ppc, good news is coming. nVidia has a chip that it will be placing in Windows Mobile smartphone. the nVidia Tegra chip is insane as far as mobile products go. It runs Quake 3, playsback 1080P video for up to 10hrs, and has an incredible standby and even regular battery life. keep a look out for this in the near future. Q1 2009 is the project release of the first phone with the Tegra i believe.

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