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Project Reality v0.8

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New Weapons

What first person shooter release would be complete without an array of new handheld toys and weapons to play with. Along with the long overdue overhaul of the grenade launcher systems, the MEC faction has recieved a healthy injection of new small arms and AT systems to further diversify the MEC as a fighting force.


Speaking of injections, the new equipment the medics will be recieving includes an adrenaline injector to replace the defibrillators as well as other tools to help them forfill their battlefield roles.


The militia and insurgents by no means recieve a ton of new instruments and arms to further their causes. From molotovs to cell phones, anti tank grenades to two World War 2 era rifles, both factions are better equipped to fight their aggressors. Many thanks to the Battlefield Korea and Forgotten Hope 2 teams for allowing us the use of their SKS rifle and No.4 SMLE rifles, of which we have adapted for use in Project Reality.


All Conventional Factions - Underbarrel Grenade Launchers - M4 M203, M16A4 M203, G3 HK79, L85A2 AG36

US Army - M4 Carbine

US Army, USMC and British - M249 SAW/Minimi

MEC - SSGP1 Sniper Rifle

MEC - G3SG1 Rifle

MEC - RPG26 Anti Tank

British - L85A2 Bayonet

British - L86 Light Support Weapon

Coalition Factions on Insurgency maps - Zipties

Militia and Insurgents - Short Magazine Lee Enfield No.4 Rifle - Ironsights and Scoped

Militia and Insurgents - Samozaryadniy Karabin sistemi Simonova (SKS)

Insurgents - Molotov Cocktail

Insurgents - RKG-3 Anti Tank Grenade

Insurgents - Cellular Telephone

Medic Tools - Resuscitate Compression

Medic Tools - Epinephrine Auto Injector


New Vehicles

With the addition of a new faction, comes new vehicles to compliment its infantry arsenel. We bring to you the heavy assets of the US Army, as well as a few other pieces of mobile equipment to bolster the other factions.


US Army - M2A2 Bradley APC

US Army - UH-60 Blackhawk

US Army - M1126 Stryker ICV

US Army and USMC - HMMWV

British - Stormer Anti Air Vehicle

British - RAF Tornado GR4

All Conventional Factions - Return of the support jeeps


New Commander Features

Commanders in this new version while encouraged to remain away from the heat of battle, are given much more efficient tools to do their job with. As well as a couple new toys to ensure the enemy remains on their toes!

Enterable Command Post - required for all commander functions

Commander placeable map markers to help team coordination

Spotting system for squad leaders and commander

Commander deployed off-map artillery, mortars and JDAM strikes


New Commander Assets

Commanders now have a proper means to allow their team to defend their forward positions, as well as holding strong points in a fearsome manner with the addition of heavy machine guns on a stationary platform. The Insurgents also have expanded their capabilities for operations with the addition of deployable hideouts, which work in a similar fashion to that of conventional army forward outposts.

All Conventional Factions and Militia - Deployable Heavy Machine Guns

Insurgents - Deployable Insurgent Hideouts


New Game Modes

Along with Project Reality's own Insurgency and Counterattack modes, we bring to you more ways to get the most out of the already outstanding maps included in this release.


- Assault and Secure Version 3

In this third installment of Advance And Secure, we include random control points. Inspired by the Insurgency game mode, the addition of randomness to a game mode provides great replayablity with different set of objectives each time you play. Of course, it won't be as random as Insurgency, but still adds different takes on several maps.


- Command & Control (CnC)

This new game mode features large freeform battles. There are no CP’s except for the operations bases. The enemy base can be attacked once all 4 forward outposts have been constructed. Combat can take place at any part of the map as the teams try to advance closer towards the enemy base and fortify vital positions along the way.


- Skirmish

This game mode is a scaled down version of Advance and Secure, intended for fewer players. It is perfect for clan matches and small infantry engagements. Skirmish has the same rules as AAS but with smaller combat zones, fewer CPs, no vehicles or deployable assets as well as fewer tickets.


- Training Mode

This game mode is mainly for training with different equipment and vehicles. Friendly fire is off. Spawning is very fast, and vehicles are abundant. Tickets are unlimited in this mode.



New Maps

Korengal Valley (US Army vs INS)

Muttrah City 2 (USMC vs MEC)

Operation Barracuda (USMC vs PLA)

Ramiel (US Army vs INS)

Tad Sae (USMC vs PLA)


New Animations, Sounds and Effects

At long last we have moved out of an animation drought, and in this release we are proud to bring to Project Reality, all new animations for every single weapon and piece of equipment in the game!


And to match, sounds to accompany these new animations and weapon fire sounds to achieve an immersive experience unmatched by any other first person shooter.


Total animation and sound overhaul to immerse the player in the battlefield

Slowed down sight transistion times for all weapons, relative to their projected effectiveness on the battlefield

New recoil animations to achieve a much more fluid effect when firing

Grenades have a hand indicator, showing the general area where the grenade is going to go at throwing

Reload animations and times have been extended

Light anti-tank, heavy anti-tank and hand-held anti-air launchers have extended deploy times, with animations accompanying them

New fire sounds for various weapons, from grenades, explosives, small arms and missile systems

New visual effects such as smoke, missile trails, cannon fire, impacts, grenade explosions and area attack impacts


Bug Fixes and Tweaks

We have concentrated on tackling as many bugs as possible, here is a list of the major issues resolved in the Project Reality v0.8:

Enhanced weapon deviation system to promote even more tactical play

Tweaked rally point system to allow for much more flexible placement of rally points

Spawn Time exploit fixed (no longer able to reduce spawn time by selecting kits)

Instant Tank Gunner exploit fixed (no longer able to leave/join squad to remove the delay to use)

Insurgency game mode overhauled and stabilized

Fixed vBF2 "out of breath" sound bug







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