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Dead Pixel... Exchange?

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I recently bought a Laptop from Best Buy (Gateway P-7811), and the Laptop is all good except for one dead pixel on the very bottom center of my screen.


It is a 1920x1080 display so that means only 1 of the over 2 million pixels is failing.


Best Buy said they would except an exchange for it since it is defective, but I would like your guys opinion on whether or not I should exchange it.


I am afraid that if I exchange it I will end up with one that has like 10 dead pixels.


Is One dead pixel on the bottom about as good as I am gonna get pixel wise?


Or is it worth taking the chance to get a perfect display?

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I Know for sure they will exchange it, however, since it is only one pixel at the bottom of the screen, I am wondering whether it is worth the risk to try and get a perfect monitor, when there is a really good chance I may end up with one worse then I have now.


The question is not whether I can exchange it, but whether it is worth the risk, since I know perfect monitors are uncommon, and the one I have now is only 1

pixel off.


How good are the chances that I am gonna get a monitor with all 2 millions pixels that work properly, not to mention all 6 million sub-pixels.

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you can't tell, there is a random chance that you will always receive a laptop with a dead pixel in it, or the second one you get will be perfect, but have a flawed hard drive that will die 2 months after you start using it, and destroy all your files in the process, you can't tell what will happen

personally i would just leave it since you do say it's on the bottom pixel line, so if you just use a black windows taskbar, you won't notice it

but if you feel you must have a perfect monitor, do so

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Strange, when dealing with our HD television cameras, theres a feature that will fix dead pixels. I dunno if that is the case with monitors but I figure its something to look at. We usually have a pixel or 2 go bad every 3 months and we just go through a process that repairs the problem.

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wow, you actually noticed 1 dead pixel in over 2 million, just use a dark theme for your pc with lots of black and grey, wont notice a dead pixel..


Most "dead" pixels will go red on a dark background.. :/

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