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Hijackthis help.

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I scanned with it and i have a log now. What i do with it? Do i post it to here or whatt?


He used HiJackThis and scanned his computer. He has a long and doesn't know what to do with it. He is asking if he should post it here for our help locating the problem.

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Yes my english is shit. Im ill so i now have time to fix this. I ran f-secure virus scan over night. It found 9 viruses i press clean. "Error close this window and do system scan again". I posted here because im too lazy to make new users to other sites. I post it to some finish forums so i understand it 100% :p

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Blaster worm virus


took the internet by storm in like 2003-2004 when XP was released.


dude you need to keep your computer up to date with the latest MS Updates.






download this, stick it on a USB Flash drive, run it as fast as you can and hope your fast enough.

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