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Didn’t know where to really put this so I just put it here

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Black Rain isn’t a BD anymore so shouldn’t someone else’s name be there? I’m pretty sure Prez handles skin donations not but I’m not sure. For VIP it says to contact Prez but in the subscriber section it says Blak Rain. Idk if that’s a mistake or Black Rain still handles sub donations. Anyways, if it is a mistake someone should fix it lol. :p


Edit: found out this is actually a mistake so I’m tagging @Prez so he can add his trade link to the sub donate section.

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@Prez is handling the items now, but I am unaware of when the physical change will come. Also this was already talked about here.




Yea I know but he forgot to change the trade link for sub I guess. He changed the VIP one but not sub. That’s why I made the post :p

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