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    Post Your Car!

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]21591[/ATTACH] This is "La Yeguita" (which is spanish for female horse (technically yeguita isn't a word but yegua is and adding -ito or -ita behind a word makes it a term of endearment)) it's just a lil 2010 Mustang 4.0L v6 and gets like 14.5 mpg in the city (when I drive conservatively) which is terrible considering it only makes 210hp, but it's a nice reliable car it's got about 99.7k miles and the transmission shifts smoothly and the engine works great as well, I've even pushed it and it's still going really strong. Pretty fun to go out when it's raining tbh cause my tires are kinda garbo when it comes to rain. Anyways, I'm considering selling her and getting a 2011+ gt model in a few months cause she's kinda slow.
  2. Nano

    Space Force..

    I've only watched the first 5 episodes so far and it isn't that bad, but don't expect it to be as funny as The Office. It's still funny but honestly kind of underwhelming considering it has Steve Carrel in it. Other than that, it's an okay show. I got recommended it by someone and he said it was the best show he's ever watched (including The Office) and I don't understand how he thinks that lol.
  3. I'm one of those people that don't really care when I'm an innocent. The reason I do it is because it isn't fun to be innocent and take the game too seriously. It's a game, that's what it is. Those tryhards on ttt who force people to get in t testers make the game boring for me, I like not knowing who the ts are, it makes it more mysterious and more fun. Also about the t baiting stuff, it should just stay allowed but I just think if a player does it excessively then it actually becomes a problem and they should be punished. Also the roles thing just doesn't make sense. T's would know who their t buddies are and can just kill the spy so that role is just kinda useless. Also, the P.I. role just seems a little pointless too cause there are already detectives. And the Assistant role just makes it easier for detectives to find out who the t is because they already know the assistant is innocent. Idk I just think TTT should just be left the way it is except for the excessive t bait stuff I mentioned above.
  4. Cafe con leche > any other type of milk stuff 2% milk is the best whole milk makes me poop soft
  5. "... I just finished running after (?) an animal. what animal is this? look, it's weird i just found it. I thought it was a duck. But look at its feet. Hey bitch dont start pecking me. *something about knowing someone to take it to* But look it's a weird animal. AAHHAHHHHHHH It bit me! You mother fucker! OHHHH ITS PECKING AT ME. AHHH STOPP. ASSHOLE!! BITCH STOP!! LET ME GO FUCK!!" That's what I got from it from beginning to end. You are welcome.
  6. Why do people have v6 mustangs? I get they arent the most powerful, but at least theyre pretty reliable and look good too. Cheaper to maintain than a bmw/audi and less expensive than a v6 accord or a maxima. Also, I didnt end up getting that car BUT when I ran the VIN, it came up as a 2014, so I was right. I asked the guy what year it was and he said it was 2012, so he didnt know what he was selling. Anyways, I realized that day manual cars (at least for now) are not for me. Plus, driving a lowered car hurts me internally when I scrape. I did end up buying a car, and if you'd like to see it I'm gonna take pics of it today in the afternoon at the park and post them on the "Post your car" thread. it may or may not be a 2010 mustang v6 premium... the 4.0L v6 is just a bit stronger than my dad's 2015 altima so it isnt like extremely unsafe and outside of my driving skills. either way im gonna drive it chill for now until i know the limits of the car and myself. hopefully, no crowds appear in the park...
  7. STEAM_1:1:200789149 Met Daryl on here and now we talk pretty much everyday
  8. Nano

    Biden vs Trump

    this is why politics is pee pee poo poo But on a real note, Biden has some kinds of mental problems and Trump is just way too narcissistic and has too fragile of an ego to be president imo. This year's election is more of just pick the lesser of two evils. America is slowly turning into straight garbo when it comes to politics.
  9. So I'm looking at cars to buy and I found a "2012" Mustang V6 with 70k miles for $7,450 (USD) which is a low price. But, the thing is, I was looking at the pictures of the car and 1) it's a manual which is gonna bring down the price because where I live no one drives manual, and 2) it's actually either a 2013 or 2014. I could tell because the of bumper: the licence plate holder place thing is different on 2013/14 models from the 2012, and also a little hole under the lights on the front of the car is different as well. So, I was wondering, how should I proceed to talk to the guy? He doesn't really know what he has I guess, and to be fair, he could have bought the 2013/14 front and rear bumpers by mistake and put it on but I kinda doubt it cause the carfax says it has no accidents and I doubt someone wouldn't report two accidents especially when it caused the bumpers to get replaced. So, should I just negotiate like its a 2012 and hope when he does the paperwork he won't realize it's a 2013/14? or should I just mention that it's actually a 2013 and act like a smartass mustang enthusiast and tell him his car is not worth as much as he says? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.
  10. That's crazy, three different CA's answered lol. Thanks though, and don't worry Gentoo I'm not actually gonna do this I was just curious. I'm not trying to kill myself.
  11. So the title says it all. Is it illegal to drive a car that has all the exterior parts off? Obviously not the frame or anything like that, just things like the bumper, fenders, and stuff like that. I was watching a video of a guy doing donuts in a car that had it's exterior stripped. If youre wondering, it was this one: Anyways, I feel like as long as you dont remove any of the frame or remove any safety stuff like maybe a wire that connects to the airbags or some shit (idk), it is legal. I tried looking it up and cannot find anything on it so Ive resorted to SG.
  12. Nano

    It's been fun SG

    cya later man. I remember playing minecraft with you that one time and trying to get the minecraft server up, which was hella fun. Imma miss you bro, good luck.
  13. glitch/bug or whatever still works, just tried it like 5 mins ago with creten's gun
  14. I don't know if this is a bug or maybe just something that happens but on any server with !ws you can grab a gun and switch the skin on it and it changes the name of the owner. So, for example on TTT if a T buys an awp, anyone could grab the awp, change the skin, and make it their own and drop it. This hasn't been done before to my knowledge so for now it isn't really a problem but I guess it could be. To change the name of the owner all you have to do is drop the gun, change the weapon skin of the gun while it's on the floor, then pick it up, and change it again. An innocent could easily change the owner's name on the awp and just drop it to make people rdm. Edit: My suggestion is to just somehow maybe remove that feature if possible. Edit 2: I just realized one of the easiest ways to fix it would be to just remove the plugin, but like that wouldn't be good cause I like that plugin. RIP
  15. pick me or youre ugly