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  1. chill lmao so what would they be able to see after they're dead? just a black screen saying "waiting to be revived"? its just a dumb idea. adding this also just gives ts another way to delay the round and make rounds even longer.
  2. It would be so easy to know if someone's been revived though. If you ID someone's body and 30 seconds later you see them running around, they've obviously been revived and are now a traitor. Also, even if people aren't smart enough to realize this, there's also a possibility that in the time that the person is dead and is getting revived, that person can just switch around and see where people are at, what their health is at, and just get all the information they need to make their job as a t that much easier. It's just not really a good idea imo.
  3. not a diatribe at all, in fact, it's the opposite, but that's besides the point: TTT is a casual server, if people took the gamemode seriously and played it the way it's supposed to be played, the server wouldn't survive at all. I agree that rules are rules and they should be followed but rules can, and should (in this case) be changed or at least become more relaxed. How in the world is sitting in a corner watching people kill other people ruining someone's experience on the server? Anyways, this is probably gonna be my last response unless someone says something different, cause I'm just repeating the same thing over and over at this point. What daft explains in his responses is exactly what I'm thinking, except I just suck at forming arguments tbh.
  4. point still stands, the form of teaming that some (xd) people are doing (not like throwing breach charges at innos and having them run at other innos or letting people into t rooms) makes the game more chill and casual. this form of teaming shouldnt be against the rules since it just makes it more casual. also not even a strawman cause hes talking about innos watching ts kill people and i addressed the exact issue hes talking about so idk what you mean.
  5. The only reason I ever even stayed playing TTT, and came back to it after like 2 long breaks, was because it wasn't a complete tryhard server. If you played the game how it's supposed to be played 100% the gamemode would just become stale and boring. It would literally be the same exact thing every round. Not saying teaming should be allowed, but fucking around should be allowed, killing people for throwing a smoke and damaging someone, although allowed, is just dumb and makes the game unfun. I understand if the people complaining about teaming were talking about sticking breach charges on innos and sending them to jihad, but the teaming they're complaining about is people just standing around in a corner of the map just watching the ts kill people. This type of teaming is harmless imo and shouldn't really be against the rules or at least should be fine unless someone complains about it. The innocents teaming dont get anything out of it except the can just chill for the round and the ts dont get anything out of it cause they could just chill too. Some of the people I enjoy playing with the most on that server I like just because they dont take ttt as a competetive gamemode, but rather a casual gamemode. Eric the Game, Mark Rober, Alex, AfterPot (even though hes annoying sometimes) are all people that just dont take the game that seriously and help the server grow to be more of a fun gamemode instead of a serious/competetive one. If you really want to try really hard and kill things just play a deathmatch server or retakes or something.
  6. mad cuz bad lol jk i completely think this should be a thing, its kinda annoying whiffing on someone cause of their hat/skin
  7. I was there in that clip and I honestly had no clue who it was, I couldn't tell if it was balls or Mark, so I didnt shoot either. Either way though, I think Ive only heard one admin say not to team and that was Will, and it wasnt directed toward me. Many players are teaming now (not me of course I would never do this xd) so honestly I just think either admins should just start enforcing the rule or just remove the it. As someone who has never teamed in TTT (xd) but has seen people team, I think the people that do it just do it for fun, not to annoy anyone or ruin people's rounds.
  8. Date: 6/12/2021 Bug/Glitch: Not really a bug or glitch but didn't know where else to put it. But anyways, please lower the sound of the ding on the clock in ttt_ratskitchen, it's extremely loud. Even if you go across the map, it's still really loud. Additional Information:
  9. I'm one of those people that don't really care when I'm an innocent. The reason I do it is because it isn't fun to be innocent and take the game too seriously. It's a game, that's what it is. Those tryhards on ttt who force people to get in t testers make the game boring for me, I like not knowing who the ts are, it makes it more mysterious and more fun. Also about the t baiting stuff, it should just stay allowed but I just think if a player does it excessively then it actually becomes a problem and they should be punished. Also the roles thing just doesn't make sense. T's would know who their t buddies are and can just kill the spy so that role is just kinda useless. Also, the P.I. role just seems a little pointless too cause there are already detectives. And the Assistant role just makes it easier for detectives to find out who the t is because they already know the assistant is innocent. Idk I just think TTT should just be left the way it is except for the excessive t bait stuff I mentioned above.
  10. Overall, I feel like the arm time needs to be shortened a bit and the radius needs to be increased. Everything else can stay the same.
  11. !calladmin doesn't work?? or maybe just message in the discord? there are a few things you can do homie
  12. YESSSSSS bruh imma play this so much holy frick
  13. That second bug has been known FOREVER. I remember people used to do it all the time. Idk how it isn't fixed yet tbh.