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Reasons why I believe First Order should be removed.

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Removing FO


My personal opinion is that we should remove FO from the server, I know that this might be pretty extreme for some people but I feel that this can prove to be good for the server. My reasons are that it can and I easily abused to ruin rounds and players experience. The communication between is CT are impossible during the time of FO that can make it unfair for CT’s. Even with rules it can still be easily abuse with and without admins where without it the players could combat the problem.


The way that we have FO is good in theory but not good in action if someone has ill intent for the server it is insanely easy to ruin rounds for their team. The second a person takes FO and gives intentionally bad orders the round is lost because the cells will be open and the T’s have control. They can also easily spam FO every round and ruin the game for everyone there until either an admin can punish or they leave. Also normal players who take FO and give a freeday ill intent or not the T’s will be free and have control before his/her teammates can gain control, ruining the round.


The first 15 seconds of the round is vital for the CT’s to take control and set the precedence for the rest of the round, and a big part of that is communication to call out locations, whose KOS, where they’re watching etc. FO completely halts communication and leads to handicapping the CT’s unnecessarily when people cannot communicate it can allow t’s to take the lead and take the round. I feel that communication between the CT’s in the first 15 seconds is vital and should be added back through the removal of FO.


I have seen it ruin rounds and admins can’t do much, rarely being able to enforce the FO rules when they are on and when they aren’t people are able to abuse it without any resistance. In game when someone gives freedays for FO they ruin the round by letting the T’s take control when more than 1 person constantly give freedays this makes it hard for admins to moderate because it isn’t just one person doing it over and over again. Especially when there isn’t an admin on there isn’t even punishment to be handed out so this allows for it to be abused as much as they want until someone makes a player complaint. If FO was remove and if someone tried to ruin the round the people on ct could combat it by making sure the t’s don’t follow their orders and allows them to easily revoke freedays.


Overall I feel that FO should be remove or heavily reworked because people can spam it and ruin the rounds, it shuts down communication between CT’s during the first 15 seconds, and it is hard for admins to punish when they are on where with it removed it allows the players on CT to handle them. I am definitely not 100% correct and would like feedback, I hope this allows for discussion about revisions or the removal.


Thanks for read my essay, lol.

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