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  1. Bro sounds amazing if I remember and can make I'll be there!
  2. Yo I want to play some uhc Also is a shit ton of people are interested could we do teams?
  3. Making a shout in the shoutbox or going on our TeamSpeak or doing !calladmin on our servers is the best way to contact an admin. If there are no admins available you can always make player complaint. Try to refrain from making posts on the forums in any other section than player complaints.
  4. happy happy happy birthday!!! :drank: hope you the best

  5. Wait is it Automatically set you to auto roll? I haven't been playing but why would you make it a opt in thing and not an opt out. That way if people want it they can turn it on.
  6. Scarecrow + MP5-SD = A Pose plz fix
  7. People don't dedicate their lives to csgo, the amount of time it would take for anyone to get to 24 hours is insurmountable for anyone who has a life outside of their parents' basement. There are far too many negatives that adding this would cripple the amount of new players we get no one wants to play for most likely over a week just to play ct, we are doing all we can to have people learn the rules. At that point, if they don't learn them they probably will never learn the rules. this isn't a solution but rather stops ALL new players from playing ct not just rule-breakers. This should never be increased because it only delays rule breaks for the amount of time it is increased unless it is an unruly amount at which point no one new would want to play the servers. After that point what's the point of hosting a csgo server if you don't want new players. we have the rule pop up every time you load in, there are regulars who spam the read rules bind, you have to wait 30 minutes before playing ct, and the server has messages in chat about the rules and faq. There isn't much more we can do that wouldn't discourage people from playing our servers, things like this have been suggested again and again but have always came to the same conclusion that it is too much past what we currently have.
  8. Yo add gm_construct map is fire
  9. If you can't handle the mic spam just do voice_enable 0, I do it all the time it makes ttt 10x better. If you don't like to do it, then stop talking about this option as if you are the only person that exists. Some people like myself cam handle not hearing everything, it is easy to avoid detectives as inno and not 100% knowing if you are kos or not. This isn't a 100% fix but does work for people. So for god sakes stop outright dismissing because you dont do it. People know what can happen if they do it and accept that, who would be a baby head ass and whine when they cant hear people after muting everyone, no one. You also have options to mute certain people, scale voip volume in OPTIONS under audio which only affects the voice volume along with being able to lower certain people's volume on a slider from 100 to 0. So calm down with nessecary plugins and rules when you have all these tools at your disposal.
  10. also can you remove the extend map for this event it just seems unfair to have some map rotations last and hour and some last 20 minutes
  11. if you don't wanna die don't get hit by the death game.