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Jailbreak PSA: Proof

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Hello everyone, I'd like to address an issue that has come up recently.


Proof of someone's action doesn't only come in the form of directly seeing someone do something. A CT can use logic to determine how they handle a situation and who they kill. Just because you can't see the logic behind why you were killed, doesn't mean there isn't any. It relates to TTT in that sense, someone might have a reason for killing you even if they didn't blatantly see you gun some guy down. It isn't "he saw me do it" or "he didn't see me do it", there is an in between there where people can use common sense to go about handling a situation.


Here's a situation for reference: You're a CT and you're running in main cell at the beginning of the round while cells are closed. You know there's only one USP spawn in the top right cell. You're not facing the cells, but you get shot a few times with a USP. So you didn't see the person shoot you, but you can use common sense to kill the guy with the USP.


Please PM any of the managers or make a new thread with any questions regarding this.

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