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Pool Catwalk

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Why is the pool catwalk not KOS anymore? I've been told by an admin I freekilled 3 Ts because of this. Ever since I've started playing here in 2011, it always been KOS. BTW, the pics on this thread aren't working for me:





I breifly talked on the chatbox on this and here's what was said and my rebuttals:


roux: it was decided that the ladder acted as a barrier between armory and that catwalk i believe, contradicting the "directly leading to armory" rule


If the ladder acts as a barrier to the armory catwalk, would the stairs on VIP also count as a barrier? So this platform is not KOS because it is broken up by stairs?





Gentoo: Pool catwalk is not KOS but there's lots of ways to make it blatant dis (technically KOS)

Doc if you tell Ts to be in shallow end, anyone that lands on pool cat can be killed.


That shouldn't even have to be demarcated.


The Merriam-Webster definition of a pool:





This is a pool:





This is not a pool:







Now, I understand not all catwalks are KOS such as these areas because they do not in any way, shape, or form, connect to armory:











But literally, the only reason for a T to be on the catwalk in pool on Electric Razor is to get to armory. There are no games up there. There are no activities to do there. The absolutely ONLY reason to be there is to get to armory (or the scout in the vent).




And the whole point of this game mode is to role play as guards and prisoners. Would an actual prisoner in an actual prison have access to a catwalk that leads directly to where guns are in storeage?


Lastly, do we really need another rule to nerf the CTs more than they already are?

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So for starters, the whole point of the rule change is that there is another potential reason for being up there. The catwalk also leads down into pool. There's a little area down there that has the end of the catwalk and a door into the pool area. That makes two purposes that the catwalk serves. If the only way it could be used was to get to armory, there could be an argument made.


Secondly, I'm not really going to entertain a comparison to real life prison to be honest. Would actual prisoners in an actual prison spawn with knives in their hands? I don't really see the argument here either. As for the "making it harder for CTs thing", while I don't want to make unnecessary changes to make it harder on the CTs, that was a necessary change where the mindset that everyone was using was wrong and it had to be clarified. I'm not going to slowly reshape the entire server's ruleset with the intention of making it easy for CTs.


As for the ladder thing. The ladder that connects armory catwalk to main cell floor is KOS, but the main cell floor obviously isn't. The same way the ladder that connects pool catwalk to armory catwalk is KOS, but the pool catwalk itself isn't. Comparing it to a set of stairs is a different case. The stairs and the catwalk are all one structure and are connected. The pool catwalk and armory catwalk aren't actually connected at all.


IIRC there was actually never an official ruling on the pool catwalk, just a mindset everyone followed and no one ever questioned.

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