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I'll start off by saying that this doesn't necessarily need to happen right away, it could be implemented on the new forum whenever it comes out. Having said that, I think that we should change the way bugs get reported for each server. At the moment, each server has a bug reporting thread which can be accessed by everyone, or people make their own bug report threads for the servers that don't have a dedicated report thread. I suggest we create a form under each server section where people can report bugs instantly without the need of a public thread. The form would send to the CA section so that the CA's and AT's for each server can view these bugs and then decide what to do from there. This would keep people from seeing unfixed bugs that they could abuse before the bug got fixed. An alternative to putting the form under each server section would be to give bug reporting it's own section so that it's easily view-able and there's no confusion surrounding how to report a bug.


Just to give an example for bugs that shouldn't be in a public section, this report is completely game breaking, and while it was fixed rather quickly after it was reported, anyone that saw it could have easily abused it before that.

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