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  1. Wanted to make this post to air out some of the thoughts/ ideas I’ve had since coming back and seeing where we as a community are heading. Keep in mind that these are rough explanations of my thoughts as I would have to write a novel to fully explain everything. If anyone would like to discuss further or get some more information of what I mean let me know and we can have a conversation about it on discord or ts. Seeing where we are and where we are heading is one of the reasons I came back so I feel since I am back for that reason I should throw some ideas out there to be reviewed or at least discussed. Some of the things may have been in discussion already or brought up so sorry if there's any repetition. Let's get started! The Mega Thread!!!! Regular vs Member Color Change I believe this was previously discussed a long while ago and may even have been implemented at some point. An idea here for the forums to perhaps gain more engagement from non admin/ non position holding members could be implementing a different appearance between Regular vs member on the forums. I feel like this may motivate/ incentivize newer members to voice their opinions and react more actively on the forums which in turn may also raise activity for newer members on other platforms like discord or the servers themselves. Having something to work towards or an award is a nice incentive which motivate people. (time for some psychology behind the idea) Its a minor change but as humans we always strive to move forward and when there’s physical or visible rewards/ changes or status changes it motivates us to pursue a goal as we know the outcome to committing to completing the goal. Something like keeping members as the basic white color and once they have completed the requirements and are moved to a regular change them to something like a silverish gray or something (Colors can be discussed just an example). This would also help differentiate members from regulars in other faucets like discord where currently a member and regular are the same color. Some Surf Ideas Now I only say surf Ideas because its the server I play on the most, but in reality this can work with any of the servers. I believe it would greatly benefit the server to do something like a rotation of maps. The idea is on a bi-monthly basis or monthly basis hold a poll for least liked maps and pick out two and move them out and move two fresh ones in. It keeps the map pool fresh and lets the community get rid of those pesky hated maps. With this idea comes part 2! The reason I first mention a bi-monthly is because of part two and to prevent the idea from becoming very stale very fast. The second step to this would be once new maps are added and old removed for a day or two host a release party for the maps. This would be an event that would be a vibe and for a certain period of time we only switch between the two new maps. During the release part host some prizes for server record time and do a giveaway or two for anyone who is a member and within the server at the time. Doing things like this would seed the server and have more people join and let everyone have some fun Surfing! I can explain more like I mentioned, just ask. Changing Directions Now what I’m proposing here isn’t saying we have to move past what SG was, it’s simply a recommendation of my experience online and what I’ve seen work and what hasn’t worked. All those marketing and business development classes in college are finally paying off! Sociality of the community Internet Communities have changed and developed greatly since SG first appeared on my radar or the majority of people's radar. It used to be that the majority of internet communities were separate per niche like having a gaming community, which more or less was strictly focused on the main subject. Nowadays it’s sort of meshed together and I believe that something we as a community should work on is moving towards being a more social community rather than strictly a gaming community. This doesn’t mean we stop what we are currently doing as at the end of the day we are a community which hosts game servers so we can all play with our friends and meet new people. I’m just suggesting we make a push to branch out to other areas, which may help grow the community as a whole and fill in some of the missing gaps. Things we could do to help improve this part is something like building our discord as I know we are currently trying to do. Discord has become a powerhouse for community hosting and partnering. If we can build Discord more it will certainly grow the community. Which is where moving towards being a more social community comes in rather then 100% on gaming. Not everyone who joins a community does it to play CSGO TTT or Surf. A lot of people now join communities solely to hang out and make friends. Meet new people and just chat on discord while they do homework or are at work. See the next section for some explanation on how we could go about this. How would we do this? Lets start with a simple one that I mentioned in my response to the Discord Growth thread. Pushing things like the Art Contests or Clip contests over on discord along with the forums. While growing the discord we will certainly get newer members who are artists or editors pushing things like these contests on the discord rather than solely on the forums would entice members to join in on the fun and may even encourage them to tell their friends. “Hey this server is doing a contest for this or that, come join and enter”. Simple things like this could help gain a more attentive and active community. Another point following that has to do with Giveaways/ Contest winnings. I believe we should move forward from solely giving away things like CSGO skins. I know we take skins as donations, which could still be done, but I feel if we want to continue to move the social way we have to open our range of prizes. Of Course it doesn’t have to be anything crazy but simply doing something like the winner of the art contest gets a 25 dollar Starbuck or Amazon gift card would first draw more people to the contests but also bring in a new audience of people who may or may have never even touched CSGO. Giveaways are a big part of any community which may be lacking in SG at this time which is understandable from its previous state. But following the same logic we should try to do these a bit more. Even if the giveaway’s are something even more simple like a random person active on the discord at this time gets 2 months free sub or something. Giveaway’s should be spontaneous and effortless for members. Straying away from Giveaways another big thing which may help is partnering, which I know is something we are looking into. But what I’m suggesting is the partnering with a partnered Discord Community or a bigger Discord community. Usually the way this works is the communities both advertise each other and push for member growth on the servers. There are plenty of massive communities which are partnered with Discord out there that solely do partnerships to help grow and uplift smaller communities and I believe this is something we should look further into. Like I mentioned these are some brief thoughts and Ideas I’ve had and am constantly thinking and improving in my head. There’s definitely more ideas I have just can’t remember them all at this time but I can come back and add as it goes. Feel free to add on this MEGA THREAD. Or leave your comments/ thoughts on the ideas brought. And like I mentioned, if anyone wants to pick my brain I work a lot better through speaking then typing haha, so feel free to reach out and I can elaborate or share more.
  2. Originally I was gonna make a joke thread about demoting people and give them psych evals, but I will be slightly more serious. 99.999999999999% of the current staff team does absolutely nothing. SG, even if it pisses people off should flush these people it's mistakenly picked up down the bowl. Picking Dominic back up is okay because even if he's going to tell you all to go fuck yourselves in a few months for a semi-human reason or leaves because he has a life- atleast he cares enough to come back & have some kind of a real display of a plan. That's more than can be said for a lot of people here who have laid back on the strawman arguments that CS:GO or dying or something every time it gets pointed out how apathetic and useless they are. People who stick around for rank are disgusting individuals, you've always been kind of disgusting. Unfortunately you weren't weeded out before getting on, and the community went south because of it.
  3. Hello fellow Steam-Gamers, You pay your taxes. You have rights. You deserve a say. With Dominic recently appointed to regional governor I would like to suggest a public referendum for the community to be able to vote on the 5 BD's who exist for the VP position every so often. Admin contests in the past have been hugely popular and brought lots of traffic to the forums. We can gather the candidates and have them "discuss" their ideas for the future of Steam-Gamers. VP's should not serve a life term in their seat!
  4. Please add the Ugandan Knuckles player model to JB! I'd also like to suggest a "do you know da wae?" Ugandan Knuckles themed event which essentially would be PTP with 1 CT as the Queen model with everyone else as the model and they must protect the queen clap for the queen! *CLUCKLING* *CLUCKLING* *CLUCKLING* *CLUCKLING* *CLUCKLING* *CLUCKLING* *CLUCKLING* *CLUCKLING* *CLUCKLING* *CLUCKLING* *CLUCKLING* *CLUCKLING* *CLUCKLING* ###
  5. Rules

    I’m on my phone so if this post isn’t up to snuff or someone wants to move it somewhere you can do that. I’ve read a little about this situation that happened recently, and without really derailing this thread from the get-go I wanted to open with this statement so that it can’t be mistaken. There are a lot of people who passively hang around, staff or not, who probably should be banned…. However: The rules aren’t lacking in all scenarios and while threads like the one BoM made, or even the more directed warnings from Caution today aren't without provocation, I need to also say this.. I don’t think going beyond the rules and creating these temporary announcements where you’re going to “handle” this mysterious, ever-changing group of “trouble makers” differently is ever a good way to handle it. I’ve seen it happen a dozen or more times. I don’t see any reason why people can’t be treated normally and be issued the same warnings anyone else would be. If someone does something so egregious then like anyone else it would make sense to just nuke them completely. Temporary extensions of the rules via abrasive threads or people making vast statements like SG is in martial law is in my opinion, a bad idea and I hope it stops happening. If the rules are lacking somehow they can be extended. When someone who’s removing my posts, telling me my opinion doesn’t matter, and locking my threads posts about how trouble makers are gonna be dealt with harshly it has a side effect of making me feel like the wrong kind of opinion has a permanent ban on the other end of it.
  6. The Board of Directors should implement the new rank of Server Ambassador. When a member reaches 30 days of playtime on a specific server they'll be eligible to apply for the rank. Upon receipt of the application; the AO(s) who manage the server which the member seeks to become a Server Ambassador for will grant or deny ambassadorship. Eligibility Requirements: 30 days total active playtime on server for which you seek ambassadorship. 1 day active playtime on server for 3 months prior to application. No ban within 6 months of application. Bans overturned through appeal do not count for the sake of this req. Server Ambassador Commitment: 1 day of playtime on your server every 2 calendar months. Participation in at least 1 server event per month. Role of a Server Ambassador: The role of a Server Ambassador is to retain and improve the player base through their knowledge and understanding of the server's play style and community. Each Ambassador will be empowered with admin privileges on their server. Ambassadors will report to and be managed by the server's AO(s). Edit 1: Lower 30 day active playtime req to 15 days or less based on post feedback from @duffy& @Alex. AO(s) could set their own playtime reqs based on current server activity trends.
  7. For the betterment of steam-gamers please make All Ts an AO. It is obvious he wants to help in my opinion from his posting. Why delay a clearly devoted member with experience from helping the community within the ranks. Greggy G mentioned a 09/04 BD meeting, I ask that the BDs consider this suggestion.
  8. Bots

    Can we add bots to sg for the servers that have stuff to do with aim because there can be no one on and the bots would kind of just keep you entertained
  9. Hello Gamers! As you all may know, pride month is upon us and SG has donned it's usual fruity clad. It is time again for us to asses ourselves and how we treat our marginalized and vulnerable members of the LGBTQ community in our community. You may ask yourselves "What more can we do?". We've already banned members that sought to groom gay children. We've already banned words that may give PTSD to gay children in the community. What could possible be left? To answer this, we must look no further than the T in LGBTQ: Transgenders. This group of poor souls find themselves unable to live their lives comfortably in the usual sexual dynamics that most of us participate in and, as such, may find it necessary to change their names, pronouns, or bodies to live their lives in some degree of comfort. This can result in feelings of discomfort, hurt, dysphoria, and trauma should someone use the wrong words to refer to them. With this in mind, it is important that we do all that we are able to in order to protect these members of the community and prevent accidental harm from besetting them. I am asking that we come together as a community to make the appropriate and necessary changes in support of this marginalized group. The option for users to share their gender status on their profile must be added. A feature for users to add their pronouns next to their name should also be implemented. This will be necessary apart from our name change feature as pronouns are not constant and may change many times in the 90 day lockout the name change feature has. Lastly, it must be made a punishable offense to misgender members that choose to express their pronouns on the forums - it's completely ridiculous that this hasn't been taken seriously already. If these terms are not taken seriously, if the Board is not comfortable implementing them at this time - that is completely understandable. However, it would be dishonest to say that the community supports or is any more than indifferent to these individuals and should take down the Pride cladding promptly to prevent it from appearing as a grift. Thank you all for reading and supporting this pressing issue, I hope the community can come together and make the right choice on this!
  10. Hello there. I read a good chunk of the state of the union announcement thing and I figured I would throw in my thoughts on the movement server portion, as the majority of my effort (all of it) as SM went into them. I will try and keep this short (well, at least for me) and simple. 1) Get rid of Surf Rotation It was honestly a gamble based on a trend to begin with, and we failed to properly advertise it and get it pushed out to a large populous so the most I ever saw it at was like 10 people, and it usually sat empty or with a friend or two on it goofing off. It just never really took off and it is a waste of resources at this point. 2) Convert Hard BHOP into KZ I honestly regret even making hard bhop because it had such a small niche playerbase to begin with it likely would have never been successful. Let scrolls have his fun if he wants to. If it fails, it fails. At this point if you give him a few months to see if KZ does anything for us it can't hurt. 3) Keep the other two as is I wish I could say I still really care about movement but I don't even have CSGO installed on my computer anymore. After dumping literal thousands of hours into it I don't think I could care about it anymore. These are just the thoughts I am having looking back on my time as SM. Do as you will, just thought I'd pitch in. Ciao.
  11. Can you guys go 15 minutes without locking a thread Firstly, open up any projects related to new games and servers that you are confident will see the the light of day. Our CSGO servers have had a history, culture, experienced players, an established population, etc. You could stick any retard in SM for a short amount of time and as long as they listen to the community and don't fuck with things too much the server still had a decent chance of staying alive. Any time we've started a new project in the past, it has none of these things going for it that might give it a decent chance of success. It gets a few goober SMs/CAs that may or may not give a shit and it kept under wraps for literally no reason. These projects should at minimum already be opened up to the CA level to get as many hands on deck as possible. More realistically, open it at the community level and you might find a few people that actually have decent experience with the game or are actually going to stick with it (unlike literally any CAs when squad released). You need brainstorming, hype and as many hands as possible to turn these servers into something that won't be DOA like they always have been. I understand in the past some projects have been given the 'PM someone if you want to get involved treatment' but I don't think that cuts it. Make a subforum, post changelogs, make a thread outlining how people can help, play testing, making assets, suggestions. Secondly, make a role called HALL MONITOR and use it to cleave all the prestigious and powerful perms off of CA. The majority of this role of moderating has already been passed up to IA/BD I'm sure, due to the sensitive state of the community. This also allows you to usher in the people you need to into this role. At the time I was LA, we had about 20 CAs. Four of them would regularly post in threads or talk at meetings. Because of all the bureaucracy about rank, trust, posturing, etc. it was impossible to ever get anyone into the role that was actually passionate and willing to talk about community topics, and the second I did, they were shipped up the ladder to SM/IA. I and you can find at least a handful of people in the community that are more passionate, knowledgeable, creative than the majority of past CAs but most likely wouldn't be put in the role if they paid you $100. Is it because they'd butt heads with people? Argue? How do you expect to have any meaningful discussion without that lol. If they had some outlet to do this privately and discuss meaningful topics in a constructive way, maybe they'd be less inclined to publicly lambast you - see a number of current staff that already fit the bill lol. Thank you!
  12. I dont know if you guys have thought of this but maybe we could buy ads on websites, or even use YouTube's ad feature to promote our server. Maybe on a random website that people go on a lot, we could have one of those side bar ads that bring people to a forum post that talks about the servers and what we offer, yada yada. Or for YouTube ad, it'll be one of those cringe ones that'll be like, "This is Steam-Gamers!!" *Vine Boom* "And this is how we play our games!" and we then play like funny clips from Squad, Rust, CSGO, and TF2 and I mean we're 100% gonna get like ONE person to join because of the ads. But at the same time if we're not sacrificing money to promote thats understandable.
  13. Although I'm positive that no one goes on the forum homepage, I still think that they should update the 2020 COTM with the most recent COTM, and whilst devoid of like any content maybe you guys could add more to the home page, if not idc, but we should update it with the most recent COTM.
  14. @Caution can you please reconsider bringing back a ts server?
  15. Maybe with Ct's having the power to color T's maybe with a menu item or something like that would allow some cool things to happen Pros: Adds quite a bit of new orders (ex: All blues go to iso, all reds go to big cage) Could be used to mark a KOS person Helps break apart T's into groups Cons: Could easily be abused spamming and changing colors it could also be an admin command, i dont know if it is but it sounds like it is Lmk on ur thoughts
  16. Here's the new console, Here's the old one, It's fine but can you make it so you can copy the text the same as you could before, its all glitchy and takes much more effort to simply get a steam id. Just make the copy paste thing the same it was before. All the things in the middle make it awkward to copy things and it does look nice just unnecessary.
  17. Thinking we should have an official SG clan on clash royale( clash of clans remade game). It would be pretty cool having the events in the clan or doing some friendly battles with other members on SG. I would like to see your input on this whether it would be a good/bad idea
  18. Please allow everyone to hide their own posts and comments. @Liam Brown @BoM I solemnly request.
  19. Just a fun idea, every month at the end of the month it like shows a list of all the birthdays of last month and wishes them a happy birthday cause it'd be cool
  20. People are throwing out optional dgs way to much. There should be like a 2 rounds to where you can't give it out like how you can't give the same orders 3 times in a row.
  21. I think it would be sick if SG would add a minecraft smp. I bet tons of people would enjoy this smp and so many people would have fun. I think lots of people would have really fun builds and grind the smp a lot. A lot of players in this community played something called the Paggos SMP, it was amazing and lots of people enjoyed playing on this smp. The only reason the Paggos SMP died is because they started adding strict rules and using creative. In the SG SMP it would just be have fun and free rome, no claiming area plots, no invisible blocks, none of that. I know at least 10 players from SG who would love to play on an SG SMP. How it would work: Players would be able to freerome around the map making builds and grinding for better items, players will constantly be grinding and causing havoc. Players would just be allowed to do whatever and grind, the only thing restricted would be xray. Maybe a modder of some sort would find a xray blocker to apply to the server, this way it would make all the grinds legitimate. However this would only be a thing if someone would want to pay for an SMP, it is around 10 - 12 dollars a month for an SMP with 15 player slots. This is a good amount of players slots because I doubt over 15 people will be playing at a time, and not too expensive. I do think though that maybe SG has had a problem with trying to make an SMP before or else it would 100% be done, maybe there is an issue with making an SMP or no one wanting to pay, and if they just haven't thought of making a SMP yet well now its a opportunity. Please leave your thoughts on the poll.
  22. I get that the forums is only meant to show the main first person shooter games but I do think it would be a cool feature to just add some of the other fps games here at the top like Rainbow six, League of Legends, Halo, Rust, and many more. It would make it easier for regulars/new people on the forums to find categories easier. I am also sure people on the forums would like to talk about different games on the forums easier, for example if we were to add these where you just have to click on one button to see all Halo related things than it would be much easier to find what their trying to find. How this would work: You make every main game like listed above a selection at the top so new players and regulars can easily find what they're looking for, then if some of the games are unfortunately not on there they can write in the subforms below about what they would like to conversate about over any game. please leave your thoughts on this below.
  23. I think this is a great idea, it has been quite a while since they've updated auras, hats, masks, trails, and cosmetics like those. I think it is now time for a refresher and to put in some new items. I have asked a few people if they would enjoy more cosmetics and all of them have said yes. I know this would take a while to implement but would be worth it. Adding more of these items would just make people finally have new cosmetics than the same ones we've had for years with no change. Especially with Halloween coming up we can add Halloween themed masks, hats, auras, and other cosmetics Halloween themed. I don't see why we should not implement this into the servers. Pros: Players/Regulars will enjoy a change. New items added after years. Can use for events, and holiday's. Cons: Will take a long time to make.
  24. Recently me and some other people were playing Tag in TTT and it was actually pretty fun. I'm not sure if this has ever been an event but it seems like something a lot of people would like. A way it could work is have about 2 or 3 minute rounds and have who ever is "it" at the end of the round be eliminated from the event. Last few people who are still in could be the winners or have a 1v1 tag but a 1v1 tag doesn't seem all that fun. I'm sure one of the beautiful higher ups could make/find a command that makes it obvious who is it with a red outline, clantag change, or a model change once tagged. Not much else I can think of it to sell the idea, its tag... tag is always fun.
  25. what if we have an art contest and give players a week to make a completely original skin design, then everyone can vote on who wins or the admins can decide and whoever wins gets the skin in the shop forever
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