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I feel like most of the time new players go on ct and most of the time they don't know the rules. So a good thing would be if you have to play for like 2 hours maybe or more or less. Where they have to play on t so they can learn the rules of the server. Then resulting in people not getting fked all the time and it would make it so admins don't have to be called all the time for fking. It would alsobe extremely good for ratio since the new players always join ct and ratio is always stacked. I fell like this would benefit the server.

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To give a more in depth answer, as @fantastic said there was an active discussion (you can find it by clicking here) to change the length of the time a player would have to wait before being able to join the CT. After a considerable amount of feedback from the community, the Jailbreak staff convened to reach a decision. We ultimately felt that only a slight increase in the time was necessary, as we did not want to deter people from playing our server due to a long wait time. While this is not a monumental length, we feel that this is a step in the right direction and down the line may possibly be changed again.


Thanks for your suggestion, nonetheless!

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