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  1. im too wholesome for tinder so i could never send that, im only getting lonely asian women who arent my type
  2. 9/25/20 Squad server stats are now factored into the top header of the forums. I had to refactor the entire script so please file any bugs or errors you find. Thanks! For any nerds:
  3. 9/24/20 Server list updated with our new 24/7 Fallujah Squad server! Huge congratulations to @John, @BoM, @Infinityward, @Kopsta, and the rest of the team who were involved in the launch. The server remained near-full (if not full) for 6 hours now and is still going strong at ~100 players. The server list features the server rank for Squad servers but I'm still figuring out the best way to have server ranks show up for TF2 and CS:GO.
  4. Our server is full with 10 people in queue as of writing this post! Come hop on for some late night fun!
  5. 9/19/20 Our donation goal has changed from $650 to $750 as we look to grow as a community. Thank you for your support!
  6. 9/15/20 All members (excluding those banned) can change their display name once every 90 days without DMing a BD! Go to the profile dropdown on the top-right of the page, click "Account Settings", and click "CHANGE" beside your display name. NOTE: Forum rules apply, which means no racism or anything distasteful please! We reserve the right to remove this functionality if there's abuse. NOTE: At this time we have restricted the ability to view display name changes. This is in case someone accidentally changes their name to something we don't want people to see (full name, etc.) NOTE (EDIT 2020-09-15 1:36PM EDT): We reserve the right to roll-back your name change if you change your name to something that causes issues. For example, taking the former name of an admin. Your 1-time name change will be used up and will not be refunded.
  7. Zombie Escape Mapping Contest! Zombie Escape is without any doubt the most popular custom gamemode being played on CSGO. The biggest communities have come together to organize and sponsor a mapping contest! Rules Make sure to read them through carefully before deciding to enter the contest. If you have any questions regarding them, simply comment the #questions channel in the below Discord server and we can clarify any issues. Prizes 1st place: $300 2nd place: $175 3rd place: $100 4th place: $50 5th place: $25 Judging Maps are judged against four criteria: Quality of the design (is the map beautiful and well designed?) Gameplay (is the map boring?) Replayability (would you play this map every day or tryhard it every week?) Originality (is it an overused theme?) 2 judges will come from each community involved! If you have any questions, please ask by responding to this thread or ask in the CS:GO Mapping Contests Discord. Good luck to all participants!
  8. Guys this dude is Papi Chulo!

  9. We're addressing this ASAP, expect a post soon. @ImSkidoodleIRL
  10. "• Reasonable Orders - An order that is straightforward, clear, to the point, easy to understand, not meant to confuse or trick, and gives the prisoners enough time to follow." Admins are welcome to enforce this definition. You can call an admin if someone's purposefully trying to trick Ts by giving long-winded, unnecessarily complex orders.
  11. On top of the above, you must make sure that you give enough time for Ts to follow the order. Besides that, this is your official answer.
  12. Certain Jailbreak maps have areas you can pixel surf as an intended feature. It is difficult to say which areas are intended and which aren't in the rules. Thus, we default to how the "no exploits" rule is now: exploits are admin discretion.
  13. Enforcing includes making sure Ts are not rebelling by picking up primaries and other rebellious acts. "• Rebelling is when a prisoner: picks up a primary weapon, draws/equips a pistol/zeus, harms/kills a CT, breaks out of a cell, blatantly disobeys or enters a KOS zone" So, the situation you described is against the rules and you can call an admin on to deal with them.