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Hello everyone,


Back in 2016 we had a database breach because of an exploit in vBulletin. (This has been fixed.)

Sadly some Encrypted/Hashed passwords and emails got leaked by this.


Because of this we took the precaution and forced a password reset on everyone, to prevent unwanted people from being able to log into your accounts.


So the next time you try to log in, you will need to use the "Forgot Password" tool to reset it with your email.

If you are logged in with "Remember my password", then we suggest you to log out, and log back in to get the password reset prompt.


If you are reusing the same password somewhere else, we urge you to change your password on that platform, too.


Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.



~The Higher Up Team.

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Some people reported that they're getting an email with a new password in it, even after they have already reset their password.

Just ignore this email if you have already reset your password.


Because the passwords were reset for everyone at the same time, the system had a delay in sending all the emails (+18.000 emails), causing some of them to arrive hours or even a day later.

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