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[Bhop] Monthly Timed Event | April - bhop_translucidity_v2

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Event taken place on our Bhop server where players compete to get the top time of the map. The competition will be open until the end of the month and any top times scored within that time will be counted. If you place in the top three but after the cutoff your time will not be counted. You must also have a forum profile to receive the award and participate in the contest.


But wait.... there's more! This month we are doing two styles, "Normal" and "Slow Motion". There will be three winners for each style. Note, you can only win one reward between both styles!









An old CS:S map ported to CS:GO.







1st Place: attachment.php?attachmentid=18260&d=1533523220

2nd Place: attachment.php?attachmentid=18261&d=1533524581

3rd Place: attachment.php?attachmentid=18262&d=1533524599



The contest will be held from 4/1/19 - 5/1/19, any times completed after the end date will not count in the contest. Best of luck to everyone competing!



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