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  1. Just going to throw this out there before I read this again sometime this week and respond after seeing others responses, messing with ragdolls and dead player models outside of (maybe) changing the model of a dead body is a very far stretch. Messing with vphysics and ragdolls is something that most TTT servers other than us struggle to do, because changing one thing always leads to breaking another. We've tried fixing how messed up our ragdolls are currently, specifically with them limping through floors. Yeah so this topic is something we definitely struggle with. It took us so long to to update the Halloween dead body model last year that we didn't even get it out in time because of what changed every time we fixed something that we wanted different. Definitely keep suggesting whatever because right now we have more capabilities of adding stuff than we did a while back, but don't expect everything to be possible.
  2. These videos are private
  3. This is tomorrow smile
  4. Please respond to my thread
  5. Hey, So during the community meeting on the 2nd, we discussed a lot of topics which included a variation of things about maps. Myself and the rest of the TTT team would like to address a couple specific parts of what was discussed. The notes can be found here posted by Steven. First, the removal of certain maps. We are well aware there are a handful of maps that do not do the server good when its played. We know that ttt_banzai_bay_sg2 kills and damages the servers population when played for example, so we wouldn't have an issue quickly removing that from the map list. What I am asking you is to either make a suggestion here to remove a map you do not like or paste it down here in the thread. Either way works. The current map list will be posted below for you to take a look at an up to date list. Next, I'd like to talk about the possibility of adding a priority map pool. What I mean is we would have a separate pool of maps that are ALWAYS in the map pool, to lessen the chance of us getting a map that some players won't like and will leave the server solely because they don't like the map. When I brought this up during the meeting it didn't seem like really anyone was against the idea. I have a general idea of what maps I'd like to see in this separate pool and how many should be put in the map vote. Right now we have 7 or 8 maps per map vote, I think putting in 3 maps from the separate pool would make up for the lack of people nominating maps to play (Which is why we sometimes get map votes that have horrible maps). I don't want to make this separate list to big or else it will be 3/4ths of our current map pool, so I'm just going to list a couple maps I think would be fine to includ in it. Keep in mind that this list is extremely bias as these are maps that I personally like and have seen enjoyed for years. We can iron this list from public opinions blah blah. There will be 1 or 2 more threads discussing topics from the community meeting soon.
  6. It was first put on Jailbreak to test since that is where the main alting problem occured. We're currently looking for a look around for people having problems like you. We've tested for around 3 days and you're the only false positive we've seen.
  7. house with t trap