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  1. Congrats everyone, well deserved.


  4. Thanks for all the time and hard work you put into ZE and the Technical Team, your work will not be forgotten. Best of luck to your future, Wesker.
  5. clown

    1. Amazing


      :hotdog:Glizzy Deliverer at your service:hotdog:

  6. Thanks for everyone who participated in this weeks events! Everyone was really enjoying the new TTT Outcast Event, so expect that to come back soon!
  7. We've decided to cancel the event. Expect some events in the future.
  8. TTT ScoutzKnivez Event! Hey, everyone! We have a new TTT event for all of you today, ScoutzKnivez! ScoutzKnivez is basically what it sounds like, you'll have a scout, knife, and low gravity will be on. The event will last for four maps and we hope to see you there! Maps: csmu_waterpark_night_v1 ttt_minecraftcity_sgfix_v3 ttt_mario64_peachcastleoutside_v2 ttt_dolls_sg_v1 When? Saturday, September 12th @ 5:00 PM EST Where? SERVER RULES STILL APPLY
  9. Thanks to everyone who showed up, we had a great population of 20+ throughout the entire event.
  10. The event is starting soon