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  1. Glad you continued with what was being worked on, good stuff Hunter.
  2. @Error.Where Aprils's SOTM at yo
  3. Thanks for the banner @Strayyz

  5. Was in the works when I left, was put on pause for a while because plugin author ghosted BoTo and I. We eventually got things situated out. Plan was to get a sub role out for every current role and go from there. Whoever the next manager is should definitely continue with this. Really only seen this done on GMOD and it genuinely gives it an extra playing more core TTT aspect in my opinion. Hopefully whoever the next manager is can continue to follow the path I wanted to go down with it.
  6. Can’t believe someone hasn’t tried this already, good idea!
  7. @crazedkangaroonice watermark
  8. heyyyyyyyyyyy

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    Apparently I put in the wrong IP for the server, it is up and running.