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  1. i made that banner i know its good
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  3. Changelog Saturday after the event
  4. Next time we add skins, probably around beginning/middle next month along with some other things!!
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  6. Not going to bother writing an essay since we had our little talk in DMs but I will summarize it here for the sake of transparency for others. I don't want to sweep the problem of the server lacking support and population under the rug because it quite frankly does need addressed. Due to the lack of transparency from me and the rest of TTT team it has made it look like we've given up on the server. I cannot speak for others but I can speak for myself, I am no where near giving up. It may seem like I don't put in a lot of effort from time to time, specifically in getting people to join the server and help boost population. We just recently got the thumbs up for credit multipliers to be enabled when we seed every now and then. We recently just got a new TTT manager to hopefully help funnel in some ideas and updates and I am pushing extremely hard to get some ETs on board to help with TTT events. The problem with community support right now is that people (including myself) are distracted with school, other games, events like Pixelmon, and literally anything else that isn't TTT. I know that when I was in middle school and an early high school student I loved the thought of coming home and playing some TTT with friends and I wish to bring back that picture. Right now, we have several ideas that come from regulars on the servers being worked on and looked into. Right now due to the state of the server I am trying to limit myself to things that are unique and things that a lot of servers don't have. This is exactly why people like our server over others, it is different and I say this a lot but we are really the only TTT server that you're allowed and able to use your brain; killing off sound is a great example of this. I am foaming out the mouth trying to think of good ideas and updates we can insure people will like and get people excited to play the game. Even things like karma resets are just enough for people to have a fresh start (which is in my current plans). You cannot expect a server to suddenly gain population back unless you support the team and management. Due to how far the server has came when related to balancing and general additions to the game mode. It is hard to think of something new and interesting to bring to the table that can change the way people play the game. The parachute for example, it could be used to get around the map from high places for maps like Desperados. The problem with the server at the moment is that people cannot play it for weeks and weeks on end. People get burnt out every now and then and I understand that. There is always something to do with TTT, even if its just simply balancing an item. One of the main things that piss me off about the server being dead is that the people that complain, probably more than half of them do not bother to help at all. They are not obligated to help, however they cannot blame someone or something when they are part of the problem. Community support is a huge step when reviving a server. If you do your part we will continue to do our part.
  7. As far as I know, people lost interest in the server with the influx of new games, events like Pixelmon, and lack of interest in the gamemode itself. We're working on getting the server to a stable pop. The TTT team is also working on some changes and getting a good amount of events planned for the future. I try to get people on almost every single day when I'm not doing anything, if you want to help just pay attention for pings in the Discord about seeding.
  8. For those of you who don't know how to read
  9. The regulars aren't funny, simply put