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Blade and Sorcery VR - Update 5 Release TOMORROW (Dismemberment & MORE!)

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Not sure what time this is available, but this update is something people have been craving since this game's inception. If you're a borderline psychopath, you need to get a VR headset and this game should be your first purchase. It's still in development, and the devs are fantastic at releasing quality content each time.


Prior to this this update, the game is still very brutal and can entertain anyone for hours. It truly makes you feel like you might be able to hold your own in a real melee battle (tho you probably can't, nerd). The combat and hit registration is phenomenal; stabbing an enemy in the throat, batting their shield away, and following up with a slow-motion stab to the stomach cannot be more satisfying. Grabbing someone by the neck and throwing them into a pit is peak gaming evolution. Levitating a sword, and whipping it downward from the skies into an enemy's head is like a fine wine on a Saturday afternoon.


AND THESE EXAMPLES ARE ALREADY AVAILABLE. With this new update, your psychopathic nature gets an upgrade.


If you ever need to blow off some steam, this game is therapeutic.

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