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Napalm + Breakfloor Zombies

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Not sure when the last time Napalm had an event in SG but I think It's always something re-visiting every once in a while.


For those unfamiliar with Napalm, it is a game mode similar to Zombie Escape.

The difference however is you do not escape these maps.

You can either barricade yourself in a room and hope to hold out or traverse the map with some sort of Alpha Squad.

Each map for ZM (Napalm) is unique and all have great design to make it fun each round trying to find a place to hit or explore.

The one catch with Napalm is you cannot trust anyone until the first zombie spawns (They do not teleport, they change right beside you)


Lets move on to Breakfloor.

Breakfloor is a game mode in itself where the goal of the game is to shoot blocks that break, climb, tunnel and kill the enemy time.

You can also make them fall to their deaths depending on the map.

Thats pretty much all breakfloor is, however when you mix Napalm with breakfloor, you get a weird but fun combination of the two.


This might be a fun weekend event.

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