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ttt_sky_islands_csgo removal

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Map Removal

Full map name


Type of map


Why should we remove it

The map does not have the standards in my eyes to be a map on our playlist as there is much missing in this map to make it something worth while.


There is hidden potential in this map if it can be edited in the future to add more islands and make it look nicer.


The map lacks in almost everything that makes a TTT map good.


You get two buildings, the main building is very narrow and does not give you much room to play with. It does have a couple rooms to hide in and does come with a working T Tester.


The other building is a building that gives no advantage for T's and does not have much within it.


Displacements on the map are all over the place, you can "Glitch" off the islands onto displacements to hide the whole round. A lot of clipping areas.


I think if any of our new mappers want to try and take a crack at a revision of this map to give it a try.

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This is a great map that gets played quite often. Our team is not willing, or interested, in removing it anytime soon. Rejected

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