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So in our journey to revive the youtube channel we will be feature you guys, again... Anyway this will be up there for you

to see and show all of your friends, obviously thats what you are going to do.


All jokes aside, if your clips are at a good enough quality and follow the style we are going with (montage) then you should see yourself in the video.



What is this edit?


This edit is going to take submissions from you guys and piece them into a video (edit) based around your clips.

It is going to based around you guys and feature you, whether that be an ace in CSGO or a sick win in Uno, I'll find a way to fit it in.

Unlike clip of the month this will be set in a montage style, meaning faster paced and in Roux's words "cool shit".



How can I submit clips?


You can submit clips by following this link. When you submit clips,

please upload an .mp4 or .demo file to google drive and give the share link. If submitting an .mp4 feel free to also submit cinematics for said

clip, it is by no means necessary but could make your clip nicer/smoother. Please remember to submit high quality clips as it is quality over quantity. If a

poor quality clip is submitted it will not be used in the edit.



What kind of clips can I submit?


You are allowed to submit any clips from any game or server. This can mean playing another game such as Overwatch, Fortnite, TF2, etc. by yourself,

with people from SG, or from your time spent on the servers. There is no time restriction on the submissions for these clips. A few methods

of recording gameplay are things like plays.tv, steamlabs, OBS, etc.



How will the video be put together?


The video will be edited by me and possibly another media team member. As stated previously, it will be a face passed montage style focused on the clips

themselves and not the comedic style/entertainment within the clips. This will most likely be very systematic based (hence why I ask for demos or cinematic.



The deadline for submitting clips is June 1st, I will not be using clips submitted after that date. The edit will be finished shortly after that,

so the sooner you get your clips in the longer I have to edit (hence better flow and quality). I wish you all the best in your clip gathering

and lets see if we can make a dope video :).




Submit a Clip

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