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  1. IMO dragon is harder then sqee, but tier 5 is fine... just not tier 4.
  2. Map Name: bhop_dragon_fix Current Tier: 4 Suggested / Fixed Tier: 6 Reasoning: We need tier 6 maps... its not a 4
  3. So did you make it so they are unplayable above 15, or you just have to nominate them. I want to point out that two days ago we had the server almost full and all of us where playing and talking about tier 5 maps, there does come times, and i have seen this plenty of times, where you have a whole server that enjoys playing tier 5s. Also I want to point out, a lot off the maps are currently tiered wrong (we should have tier 6 btw), there are a lot of tier 4s that can easily be played with high pop, along with some tier 5s... should probably fix that.
  4. So recently I have came across a couple other smaller communities that use only discord, and this is how I see it. It is versatile, you can have pretty much everything automated, and it is customizable out the ass. One of the downsides of that is that it can look like shit unless you have it done right. But my point is that getting new players involved in the community, forums, and all around knowledgeable of us is really easy with discord. It is great for new players that don't like teamspeak. Now on another note, discord wasn't born for simpleness. Everything that is done from a admin point of view (admin of discord not sg), has to be done right or shit won't function. On top of that is forces this shyness on people, I'm sure that our regs would be fine getting into a call and talking all day, but discord doesn't foster the same forcefulness of making people get in a channel and just talk. Most people just text chat and post memes all day, which you can even see in our current discord. If discord is the equivalent to teamspeak just newer then why is no one in it hanging out right now. Obviously our regs prefer ts, but the SG discord has over 1000 members, most of them not regs, most of them use discord 24/7. I understand wanting to open the community to new people and this "other side of the world", but eliminating why people love SG, this communication and these tight relationships we have within our staff and regs, everyone that actually takes the step and hops in a ts channel is why everyone is vouching for teamspeak. Cool people may not like discord or how it works, they may be comfortable with ts, but if it was really down to that people would just get over it and make the switch. If you really want to improve discord, just start making it the place we do all our shit, run evens in discord, have meetings, do small things like discord raffles, have a ranking system for the top activity players, get a custom bot built with some fun cool commands. There are so many ways that you can expand discord and make it bring new players as a communication platform, no one is arguing against that, but why would you get rid of teamspeak in order to make this move. Your the ones that need to build up the discord, don't try to make the community do it for you.
  5. I won't be there... lucky you
  6. Been watching my scythe and dodging guides, don't even show up... Btw I took some time to make a playlist for the event:
  7. Karma

    RTV after map vote

    I think you mean run; there is a reason majority, 2/3 I think, is needed to rtv. If your in the middle of a run, tell people and they wont rtv. To be honest, most maps are under 4 minutes for the average bhopper; there isn't really a reason to wait all 4 in this case.
  8. Sounds better, but it might be more interesting to have 3 random ones throughout the map.
  9. Too many pistol rounds, if anything 4... but 5 is to many.
  10. great build the ego... Congrats my dude!!
  11. Just taking all or most of the suggestions and putting them here as a tracker. Server/Gameplay - Force buy rounds - More utility - 9 Players; 5 ct, 4 t (balances it) - Keeping weapons through rounds (ct picks up an ak, awp, ect. they get it next round) - Fix map switches from just restarting on the same map - Increase AFK timer, way too short - This (Not the biggest deal as our server is still staying really populated; Worth a shot for the people who think it could help.) - Smoke Glitch (Can see people through smoke on radar) - Map timeouts (ie. waiting 2 maps before someone can play mirage or cache again) Fourms/Amenities - Change point values for balancing - Retake Awards - Prefixes for the Retakes forums section Completed - Raffle - More guns - Full armor 100% of the time in full buys - Fix the pistol tab to gave separate pistols on gun rounds - Less pistol rounds Will add as they come in.
  12. Date & Approximate Time of the Bug, Error, or Crash: Bug; 4PM 8/28 Map that was being played: Multiple Number of people in the server: It differentiated Any errors or unusual messages displayed in console or in game chat: N/A Additional Information: Bots were taking up spec to block players from joining and specing or joining q. Could be intentional, but specs help server pop and don't see a reason.
  13. Karma

    Point Values

    I do agree that T is easier to win, especially because the server is not a normal 4 vs. 5; Although I don't think the points should change that much. I suggest a difference of 1, for example: CT's gain/lose 3; T's gain/lose 2.
  14. I don't think this would keep population, why would you want to get switched out while your playing, it just doesn't make sense. I would rather sit in spec for 10 minutes they play a full game. Going back and fourth would just be stupid, you think someone is going to switch back and fourth rather then just go to another server.