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Ok, i was just wondering, why this mute thing is on pb servers? Being dead is boring and in pb its more boring, bc can't talk to other dead ppl. And those muted/unmuted spams the chat.


So can it be deleted? please?

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Well at least create command to get those muted/unmuted messages off?


is it that annoying? It's never really bothered me before.


the amount of shit I hear the round after something happened is enough, let alone when someone has just been freekilled and their pissed off.


it gives them time to cool down and to move on..

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what daZe said. but also, if someone gets killed and they think its wrong, they interrupt the game play that's still going on and the T's won't hear the CT's talking. so to be honest, it's a good idea. but Repus, your an admin, you don't get muted. why does this apply to you?

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