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SG Open Announcement

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SG Open Is Live




Public Announcement


SG Open will officially be starting! As of right now, we will only be using our designated scrim server for matches at the scheduled times. As a result, the server will be reserved 15 minutes before the match goes live. The server will be restarted, and after that the only people that should be on the server will be the players, and the event representative. We're looking into setting up some kind of streams for each match so you guys can watch, but we ask that you guys do not connect to the server to spectate the match. Ideally, we want to reduce all forms of "strain" on the server to make it as smooth as possible.


I'd like to also state right now that we're looking for a clean, enjoyable season. As already stated in the SG rules, ghosting is a bannable offense, and it will be taken even more seriously during this event. If we do manage to stream matches, anybody found ghosting will be immediately banned from SG. This means both players and people from the outside doing it will be banned. While it may not be a perm, we hope that nobody tries to cheat in any way.


Nevertheless, I hope we can bring popularity to these matches and have you guys watch and keep up with what's happening. More involvement brings in publicity and it makes the entire event much more enjoyable. You may not have signed up as a player, but you can participate by watching matches, keeping up with standings, and talking about them. Stay tuned for if/when we announce how streaming will work.


Welcome to All the Signed Up Teams


The first week of SG open will officially start Sunday, June 2nd. A section called "SG Open" will be released publicly soon which will contain all the information about SG open, all the updates, along with all the match threads. As soon as it's open, first round matchups will be available. When it's public, I will tag captains to post schedules and plan out the match. Examples are available within the thread itself along with a skeleton explanation in the section.







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